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Working at TMAM

Investment operation business

The cash flow of the investment matter is achieved to its maximum, and a series of business of service related to the investment of the operational management etc. of the management to attempt the value improvement and the renovation and the investment fund, etc.
We will make an effort so that our company may maximize return on investment of everybody of the invested investor.

Investment banking business

Our Fund Business structures private real estate funds and earns fee revenues by managing the assets of those funds under contract. We have built relationships of trust with various investors by offering an optimum balance of investments achieved through the selection of profitable investment properties suited to each fund's needs, raising value of properties purchased by funds through value-up activities, and through proper operating reports and sound cash management.
We have successively begun asset management for funds structured by both domestic and overseas investors that are focused on real estate in Tokyo including office buildings and condominiums.

Intermediation of trust beneficiary rights

Real estate securitization and liquidation are occupying the big share in dealings of a large scale projects such as the private funds and J-REIT.
We can support to your requirement with our experience, specialized knowledge and network which are a TypeⅡ Financial Instruments Business Operators in intermediation of trust beneficiary rights and handling of private placement indispensable for these dealings.
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